Unique 70cc 2025 Price in Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan, where two-wheelers dominate the roads, the choice of a motorcycle can be a significant decision. Among the various options available, the Unique 70cc motorcycle has gained popularity for its affordability and efficiency. Unique 70cc Price in Pakistan PKR 121,000.

Unique UD 70cc  Overview

The Unique 70cc motorcycle, manufactured by Unique Motorcycles, is a renowned name in the local motorcycle industry. It falls into the 70cc category, which means it boasts a fuel-efficient engine suitable for daily commutes and short-distance travels.

ModelUnique 70cc
ColorRed | Black

Unique UD 70 Specifications

Fuel Efficiency: One of the standout features of the Unique 70cc is its impressive fuel efficiency. With rising fuel costs, a motorcycle that can cover more miles per liter is a huge advantage for the budget-conscious rider.

Reliability: Unique Motorcycles has a reputation for building reliable bikes that can withstand the challenges of Pakistan’s roads. The 70cc model is no exception, designed to endure various terrains and weather conditions.

Affordability: The Unique 70cc motorcycle is an affordable option for many Pakistani consumers.

Price in Pakistan

As of my latest update in November 2025, the price of the Unique 70cc motorcycle in Pakistan is typically PKR 121,000 depending on the variant, location, and any additional features or accessories. To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it’s recommended to visit the official website of Unique Motorcycles or contact your nearest authorized dealer.