Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2025 Model

At Rs. 234,900 as of November 2024, the Honda CG 125 2025 model is price in Pakistan is unchanged from the previous year. There hasn’t been a price rise for the most recent version as this pricing was maintained from the 2025 model. The Honda CG 125S Gold Edition’s distinct and eye-catching look sets it apart from the usual red and black models in the range.

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2024 Model
Black ModelHonda 125 2025
Realesed Date11 September 2025
One two five 2024 Price in PakistanRs 234,000 PKR
Market Rate of Honda 125Rs 235,000 PKR
Honda Official WebsiteAtlas Honda

Honda 125 new model 2025 black

Feel the Power Up of the New Honda CG125 Black with 77 Improvements It’s a completely new and advanced riding experience with 77 changes giving you the best Honda with a powerful experience.

Honda will introduce its new brilliant model of motorcycle Honda CG 125 Black 2025. Honda manufactures the popular motorcycle model, the black Honda CG 125. The company first introduced it in Japan in 1976 and has been producing it since. Several countries something like the world, including Brazil, Pakistan, and Turkey. CG 125 New 2025 black Model price in Pakistan Rs: 234,999.

Its facial appearance is a 125cc air-cool engine, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride, and a classic design. That has remained largely unchanged over the years and its weight is 100kg.

Honda CG 125 Review

Over the course of more than three decades, the Honda CG125 was a well-liked commuter bike. They made it in Japan between 1976 and 2008, and they made it in Pakistan after 1992. The motorcycle has seen changes in manufacturing locations, with production for the European market moving to Brazil in 1985 and then, for the W and M models, to Pakistan and Turkey in 1992.

Honda 125 Engine

The 125 cc (7.6 cu) Honda CG125 has a 7.6 cu in engine creating for effective commuting. It was a motorbike that was appropriate for new riders who wanted a dependable and useful form of transportation. The bike has grown in popularity and has sold a sizable amount—ten million units—during this time. There is A new model of the Honda CG 125 for the year 2025 Model launch on 11 September 2025. Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2025 Model 2 lakh 34999.

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2024