Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2025

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2025 is PKR 208,900/=.

Honda Pridor Introduction

The Honda Pridor is a 100cc motorcycle manufactured by Atlas Honda, a joint venture in Pakistan between the Atlas Group and Honda Motorbike Company. It was first introduced on 4 November 2025 and has since become one of the most popular motorcycles in the country.

The Honda Pridor is available in various colors: red, blue, and black. It has a starting price of PKR 208,900 ($748.73).

Honda Pridor 2025 model price in Pakistan

The Pridor is known for its fuel efficiency, durability, and affordability. A 4-stroke, air-cooled engine powers this (machine/vehicle), generating 7.7 horsepower and 7.0 Nm of torque.

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2024

The official price of the Honda Pridor 2024 model in Pakistan is PKR 208,900. This price applies to all three available colors: Blue, Red, and Black.

Honda Pridor 100cc 2025 price in Pakistan

The Pridor has a 100cc engine that produces 7.7 horsepower and 6.8 lb-ft of torque. A four-speed manual transmission pairs with it.

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Pridor fuel average

The Pridor has a fuel tank capacity of 9.7 liters and gets about 40-50 kilometers per liter of fuel. The bike has a 7.5-liter fuel tank and can achieve a fuel economy of up to 60 km/l (37 mpg).

Honda Pridor spare parts price list

Parts NameParts Price
Spark plugRs.380 (Genuine)
Air filterRs. 200 (Genuine)
Engine oil (1 liter)Rs. 920 (Genuine)
Chain sprocket kitRs. 2,620 (Genuine)
Headlight assemblyRs. 1,380 (Genuine)
SilencerRs. 6000 (Genuine)